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last update: Feburary 2013

„Voluntary” return and the case of deportation:

The refugee policy in Bulgaria and in Europe as whole is generally oriented towards return.

During the time of your application procedure (or even after receiving a refugee status), you could be “offered” a special „voluntary return program” in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration. In this case, your plane ticket is going to be paid by the European Union/IOM and you are going to receive some financial assistance.

Once you sign the papers, you can loose your right to asylum or asylum application in Bulgaria/EU for the coming years.

After your application procedure is over and you did not receive a status, are going to be offered the “possibility” to voluntary return to your country. If not, you are going to be deported to your home country, to a transit country, which the EU has a readmission agreement with, or a third country at your wish, if this country agrees to. The European Union forbids the re-entry of a deported person into its territory for five years. Because of humanitarian reasons this period could be shorter. If they consider you a “security threat”, it could be longer.


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