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last update: May 2012

Hungary has not stopped all deportations to Greece, but if somebody explicitly says, that she/he does not want to be deported back to Greece, the Immigration Office suspends their asylum procedure for some weeks, and in the end they do not send the person back to Greece. So express clearly that you don’t want to go back to Greece.

Coming from Greece to Hungary a deportation to Serbia is the highest risk. Hungary deports regularly people who crossed the Hungarian-Serbian border back to Serbia. Serbia then often pushes people directly back to Macedonia.

And there is another problem: Many people try to continue their journey after having been fingerprinted in Hungary. If you have fingerprints in Hungary and continue to another country you can be sent back to Hungary (also for example if the Greek fingerprints have not been found but those from Hungary are in the computer system). So in case you come to another country with fingerprints from Hungary, you should immediately get in contact with a lawyer and/or activist networks to try to stop the deportation. To stop a deportation to Hungary you will for sure need a lawyer– and it is very difficult without additional assistance of supporters (for example of the named contacts).

Useful reports for appealing against a deportation to Hungary

last update: November 2012

The following links to legislation and reports might be interesting for your lawyer and/or people who try to assist in your case, they have been used in several court cases to try to stop deportations back to Hungary. If we try to summarize:

One of the most important points (besides a good documentation on what happend to you in Hungary) is to document all kind of medical and psychological problems you might have. There is a lot of reasons to get psychological problems because of all the bad things that might have happened to you on your journey and/or in Hungary. It is very useful to see doctors who can write down what kind of problems you suffer from!

More useful reports and legislation on Hungary (in German language) you may find on the website of This site gets updated more regularly!



Decisions by different German Courts:

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