Asylum in Latvia

There are two forms of protection: asylum status or subsidiary protection. In 2010 recognition was higher as the year before: 11,5 % applicants have granted refugee status, 29,5 % - subsidiary protection, in 2009 accordingly – 9,6 % and 11, 5 %, in 2008 – 3,9 % and 2 %.

In case of asylum status you are allowed to reside in the country permanently, to work and if you do not have any source of income you get financial support (about 224 euro pro month) in the first 12 months. You have also the right to reunite with your spouse and minor children.

If you have granted subsidiary protection, you receive temporary residence permit (for one year), right to work and financial support from the state for first 9 months. Family reunification is possible only after two years stay in Latvia having subsidiary protection.  

Allowance for minors is about 70 euro pro month.

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