Dublin II in the Netherlands

last update: January 2013

Beginning of February 2011 the minister for Immigration and Asylum decided that “Greek Dublin-II cases” will be dealt with in the Netherlands. This is still valid.

For all other Schengen countries you could contest the Dublin-II decision if you fear inhuman treatment or detention or if there are individual grounds, for example when you are a minor or if you have health problems.

Lately, courts have decided that deportation to Italy is generally allowed, but only when the transfer is arranged. Health care for example should be guaranteed if you are sick.

There also have been court cases against Hungary recently, but different courts have decided differently.

For counselling in Dublin II cases contact one of the groups listed here or for example:

Dutch Council for Refugees
Surinameplein 122
Postbus 2894, 1000 CW Amsterdam
T (020) 346 7266
F (020) 617 81 55

Dublin II Regulation

The first country of the European Union (EU) you entered will be the country that has to handle your asylum request. If you have been fingerprinted in another European country, you will be sent back there. Also if you have a (fake) visa or identity document from one EU member state, you will be sent there. You could challenge this decision when you have a family member who resides in another EU member state and he or she is dependent on you. When you left the territory of the European Union for at least three months, the responsibility of a member state, whose territory you left, ceases.

Dublin Brochures Netherlands

These brochures (in arabic, english, farsi and french) have been produced in the framework of "Dublin Transnational Project". See also: http://www.dublin-project.eu/

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