Returned asylum-seekers can demand up to 60 million NOK

update: 14/02/2011

Asylum-seekers that have been returned to Greece may demand a compensation of 200,000 NOK each. In January this year the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) in Strasbourg condemned Belgium’s decision to send back an Afghan refugee to Greece. The Afghan man was given a compensation the equivalent of 200,000 NOK. The return of asylum-seekers to Greece is seen as a violation of human rights due to the failing asylum and reception system in that country. Last year some 283 asylum-seekers were forcibly returned from Norway to Greece which will make the total compensation reach 56,6 mill NOK. The Chairman in the Standing Committee on Local Government and Public Administration Heikki Holmås, the Chairman Ann-Magrit Austenå at the Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers (NOAS) and Lawyer Arild Humlen at the Norwegian Bar Association's committee for security under the law are now demanding Norway to compensate the asylum-seekers who have been sent back during the last two years. Austenå claims the authorities are to contact the affected since they most probably will be unaware of their right to compensation.

source: NRK 14 February 2011 (in Norwegian)

Norway stopped returns to Greece

update 14/10/2010


The Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) has stopped deportations to Greece until further notice. “The Immigration Appeals Board has decided to honour the request of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) to stop forced returns to Greece”, says UNE-director Terje Sjeggestad. All asylum-seekers who have had their applications denied in accordance with the Dublin Regulation, but remain in the country, will be allowed to stay. ECtHR is currently handling the case of an asylum-seeker who was returned to Greece from Belgium – it is not clear when the verdict of that case will be announced. Immigration spokesperson of the Progress Party, Per-Willy Amundsen, is highly critical of the decision to stop returns to Greece, likening it to extending an open invitation to Greece’s 300 000 asylum-seekers to come to Norway. In total, Norway has returned 260 rejected asylum-seekers to Greece this year. According to Norwegian TV news, 470 persons who were to be returned to Greece will now have their cases tried in Norway. Recently, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Denmark have halted returns to Greece.

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