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last update: February 2013

Although it is not a major immigration destination country, Poland is viewed by the European Union as one of the region's key border countries, a fact symbolized by the EU's decision to base its border protection agency, Frontex, in Warsaw. Even before it joined the EU, Poland's neighbors spent lavishly to boost the country's border controls. The country's sizable immigration detention infrastructure reflects its intended role as a gatekeeper for the region. It currently boasts 12 long-term detention centres, which have a total capacity of just under a 1,000. Observers report that these facilities are rarely at capacity. Despite this, many of the facilities appear to be unable to provide basic services to detainees, which has led to a series of protests and hunger strikes. The turmoil spurred the government to undertake a thorough review of detention conditions last December. Among the concerns expressed by Interior Ministry officials was the need to prevent the country from looking like a "Polish hell."

A lot of information about the polish detention system including a map showing detention facilities can be found at the website of Global Detention Project, see:

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